Our Values

  • Thoughtfully Designed – We design our garments to always be functional and modular whilst looking as beautiful on the inside as the out. A garment from us should look good with every other item we sell. 


  • Made to Last - We are a Slow fashion brand which means our clothes are made to be worn and enjoyed many times and have many lives. We believe that product durability and re-use is key to sustainability, and central to the concept of responsible consumption. The environmental cost of fast fashion far exceeds the price on the label.  


  • War on Waste - We love sourcing vintage fabrics locally and always save off-cuts for future designs. We typically produce in small batches to minimise surplus, and avoid trend-led clothing. 


  • Love Recycling – If we use synthetic components in our clothing designs, they will always be 100% recycled. We also recycle off-cuts from any projects into new garments and accessories.


  • Environment Friendly – All new materials come from sources that we can properly check for environmentally friendly and fully sustainable practices. This includes use of organic materials, natural dyes, and responsible manufacturing processes. 


  • Transparency Always – Information is empowering so we always try to be generous with it. Our customers have a right to know what they’re buying, so we maximise product information, we label well, and answer questions quickly. 


  • Fair pay – We check very thoroughly that everyone making our products is fairly paid. We won’t tolerate exploitation. This might mean our products costs a bit more but this is the price of responsible business. We believe our customers embrace the same sense of fairness that we do.

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